new to solidity.

Trying to understand the better approach for using a mapping storage in factory contract.

2 options:

  1. Use mapping(address => Contract[])
  2. Use mapping(address => address[])

Sample factory:

contract CampaignFactory {

    mapping(address => Campaign[]) campaigns;

    function createCampaign(uint min_contrib) public {
        Campaign newCampaign = new Campaign(min_contrib, msg.sender);

    function getCampaignsByAddress(address creator) public view returns (Campaign[] memory) {
        return campaigns[creator];

As i understand, the first option suppose to use more storage space to store the whole contract instance. However, for both options createCampaign cost (remix estimation) is the same +- 660000 gas. Additionally, getCampaignsByAddress with the return type Campaign[] strangely returns only addresses instead of full instances (so i suppose only the address is stored).

Question: what difference does it make to use option #1 or #2?


There's no difference except that you'll get more type checking help from the Solidity compiler if you use Campaign[].

In both cases, as you noted, the only thing stored is an address. Using the address type just means the compiler can't help you if you accidentally try to store a non-Campaign in your array.

So my advice is to use Campaign[].

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