While using truffle.cmd console I tried to use the compile option, or even init. These options are not available, so I cannot compile using console.

truffle(development)> .help

.break Sometimes you get stuck, this gets you out

.clear Break, and also clear the local context

.editor Enter editor mode

.exit Exit the repl

.help Print this help message

.load Load JS from a file into the REPL session

.save Save all evaluated commands in this REPL session to a file


I tried using truffle in PowerShell but still no resolution: could not see compile, or init options, when using .help

  • sounds like you should reinstalling truffle, maybe try using truffle in regular cmd
    – GrandFleet
    Oct 30 '18 at 16:33

The follwoing worked for compilation: (the --all aoption for truffle.cmd)

truffle.cmd compile --all

Compiling .\contracts\Adoption.sol...

Compiling .\contracts\Migrations.sol...

Writing artifacts to .\build\contracts

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