I'm currently stucked by this strange thing: I started by exporting my private key(fdba67e41f7c6767100969ae3f045d10a59e35d380acf5b37a3b208bd2969347) from my metamask account, which i can use to login with MEW without problem (and gives me the address 0xa6CDA44CEA3Ac87435d9fDF548B051dDE90D128F):

enter image description here

But when I use the function web3.eth.accounts.privateKeyToAccount() with this private key as input, it's not creating an account with the corresponding public key as address.

var account_1_priv = 'fdba67e41f7c6767100969ae3f045d10a59e35d380acf5b37a3b208bd2969347';

var acc = web3.eth.accounts.privateKeyToAccount(account_1_priv);

>>> { address: '0xaF6d10CbEcd036f713cA504d3e952F2A31845EB9',
signTransaction: [Function: signTransaction],
sign: [Function: sign],
encrypt: [Function: encrypt] }

The new address showned here became 0xaF6d10CbEcd036f713cA504d3e952F2A31845EB9.

Same thing with the sign function

I need to sign a transaction locally with my private key privKey, and I used it in the following way: (last line with the sign function from web3.eth.accounts)

var account_1_priv = 'fdba67e41f7c6767100969ae3f045d10a59e35d380acf5b37a3b208bd2969347';
var hashdata = "0x2ff5a3650ca0391b59cf6614820cac78fd7564302c5614349990117b21df0eeb";

var result = web3.eth.accounts.sign(hashdata, account_1_priv)

>> { message: '0x2ff5a3650ca0391b59cf6614820cac78fd7564302c5614349990117b21df0eeb',    
messageHash: '0x5c9aac8744ec24ede5fc8e3125cf4e388d14afb8e809575fdd9477ecee44db33',
v: '0x1b',
r: '0x93291c697b8e30350f93e7b13e27b6dd232d6d4d9cb5edb8a32c06554ed2bafd',
s: '0x79f2d63e1225f4f7d4f0caff85f5af39599b8630c81abd9b758ad1915b001b49',
signature: '0x93291c697b8e30350f93e7b13e27b6dd232d6d4d9cb5edb8a32c06554ed2bafd79f2d63e1225f4f7d4f0caff85f5af39599b8630c81abd9b758ad1915b001b491b' 

but later when I want to verify the public key with hashdata, v, r, s on solidity with ercrecovery like this:

  ecrecover(bytes32 hashdata, uint8 v, bytes32 r, bytes32 s);

I got the output of 0xaF6d10CbEcd036f713cA504d3e952F2A31845EB9, which is the same as the privateKeyToAccount() gave me, but different from my metamask account. Am I using any of these functions wrong? how can I sign the message correctly with a private key on behavior of my metamask account? I was thinking about maybe the problem is related to the HD wallet structure, but haven't found any related topics yet.


Use 0xfdba67e41f7c6767100969ae3f045d10a59e35d380acf5b37a3b208bd2969347 instead (with a 0x prefix) so web3 knows the format of the private key:


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