Need to move all token from one address to another address(Internal) without fees. Could you please help me to solve this?

  • Please specify the situation. What tokens? From where to where? Who is owner of the contract? – Rick Park Jan 12 '19 at 1:47

Unfortunately, any and every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain requires the caller to pay transaction fees.

Transaction fees are calculated as the amount of gas required to complete the operation, multiplied by the gas price in Ether.

All transactions have a minimum transaction fee of 21,000 gas, and it may be more if you are interacting with a smart contract, like the one that manages the token you want to transfer.

Use a tool like ETH Gas Station to determine the lowest gas price you will be able to get away with. Note that a gas price of 0 is valid, which would make the whole transaction cost 0 ETH, however, it is likely to be ignored by miners who's incentive is to choose transactions which will pay the most.

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