My requirement is to create an eth account and do transaction.

In Web 0.20.0 I am able to create web3.personal.newAccount and able to get create contract object. When I am using that created contract object to call methods I am getting HTTP synchronous not supported. I am using a test private network.

In Web 1.0.0 I am not able to create account but I can get a contract and call its methods.

Can you help me how I can achieve both.

My code snippet

 var data=web3.eth.accounts.create(web3.utils.randomHex(32));


       alert("creating account error "+err);                   
       alert("creating account success "+JSON.stringify(res));                   
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    Share your code. Chances are you simply need to add an error first callback function to your Web3 calls to make them asynchronous Commented Jun 25, 2018 at 7:34

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As per web1.0 API document use web3.eth.personal.newAccount() for create new account. API document is not updated for getAccounts, unlockAccount, lockAccount, sendTransaction, but it will work.

web3.eth.personal.newAccount("Password", function(err, result){
       alert("Error"+ err);
   alert("Account address: "+ result);

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