For web3 v5.x.x,

Event Log Filters is as follows:

event_filter= myContract.events.<event_name>.createFilter(fromBlock="latest", argument_filters={'arg1':10}) 

Goal: I want to print logs of the smart contract, like I do on web3.js, using web3.py.

On web3.js side, following code piece works:

var event = myContract.LogJob({}, {fromBlock:0, toBlock:'latest'});
event.watch(function(error, result) {

But on the web3.py side I was not able to make it work. :( I have followed following documentation.

event_filter = myContract.eventfilter('LogJob', {'filter': {'arg1':10}})

Error I am having:

AttributeError: 'Contract' object has no attribute 'eventFilter'

I have also tried following line of code, but it did not worked as well:

event = myContract.call().LogJob({}, {'fromBlock':100, 'toBlock':110});

[Q] Am I doing something wrong? How could I fix this?

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You're trying to use a v4 feature. Chances are good that you have v3 installed. To install the latest v4 version, use:

pip3 install --upgrade web3

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