When I run my solidity function, it's supposed to return a string - but it returns [object Object] I'm calling the function in my frontend and logging the result of the function call.

Here is my solidity function call

function getResult() returns(string) {
  return result;

This is what I have on the frontend

async getResult() {
  let contractInstance = await MyContract.at(this.state.contractAddress)
  let result = await contractInstance.getResult()
  console.log(`This is the result ${result}`);
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    Why don't you print JSON.stringify(result, null, 4) and find out exactly what is "inside" that object? – goodvibration Jul 23 '18 at 6:14

This would do:

async getResult() {
  let contractInstance = await MyContract.at(this.state.contractAddress);
  let result = await contractInstance.getResult().call();
  console.log(`This is the result ${result}`);

Functions that do not require a transaction to be sent can be called directly.

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Javascript returns [object Object] when you log out variables that are objects in templates or string concatenations. If you console.log('This is the result ', result); it will return the object itself, which will contain the string you are looking for.

The object will probably look like

    0: 'result'
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  • So I need to do result[0] ? – JorahFriendzone Feb 28 '18 at 21:46
  • Did you try logging out the result and checking? I think that result[0] will work, but I can't be sure off the top of my head. – wtk219 Mar 1 '18 at 0:53
  • Yeah, I tried it and it returned undefined – JorahFriendzone Mar 1 '18 at 1:32
  • Sorry to ask so many clarifying questions, you're saying that result returned undefined, or result[0] returned undefined? – wtk219 Mar 1 '18 at 14:42
  • result returns undefined and result[0] throws an error because you can't have an index of 0 for undefined – JorahFriendzone Mar 1 '18 at 21:25

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