Curious what's the best way to access and pass a web3 contract instance provided by MetaMask between components when using react-redux.

At this point, I'm tempted to do the following for both web3 and the contract:

const mapDispatchToProps = dispatch => ({
    setWeb3: (web3) => {
            type: 'WEB3',
            value: web3
    setContract: (contractInstance) => {
            type: 'CONTRACT',
            value: contractInstance

With the following initialization in ComponentDidMount

 setInterval(() => {
                web3js.eth.getAccounts((error, accounts) => {
                    if (accounts.length > 0) {

                        //Do contract initialization...
            }, 2500);

I know that it's not best practice to be putting non-JSON, non-serializable data into the props.

Suggestions for a best practice? I suppose an alternative would be to create a separate .js file with getter/setters for the instances. Am I overthinking this?


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not sure what you ended up doing here, but when I ran into a similar issue, I decided to put web3 into my selectors. That was important because the Provider URL could change over time, so I wanted to make sure that Web3 always had the most up-to-date value from the Redux store. The big perk of doing this as a selector is that you don't need to worry about any imperative update logic -- the selector just always returns an up-to-date web3.

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