I followed the basic tutorial to create a new Token, it all seems to have worked correctly, yet I can't see my new tokens in my account (Ethereum Wallet on mac v0.9.3). Also tried via MyEtherWaller.com but also there I can't see my new Token balance.

Any idea how to see them and admin them?

  • Please accept answer if that works for you – cleanunicorn Feb 14 '18 at 8:41

In MyEtherWallet you need to add the contract address and the decimal number manually.

Add token manually

  • I already did and it didn't do the trick – shaharsol Feb 15 '18 at 8:16
  • When deploying the contract did you also send the right parameters? (uint256 initialSupply, string tokenName, string tokenSymbol) – cleanunicorn Feb 15 '18 at 10:28
  • In the etherscan.io/address/… page I see there's no supply, name and symbol specified – cleanunicorn Feb 15 '18 at 11:00
  • I did supply. Can you link to a similar contract that does have those seen on etherscan.io? – shaharsol Feb 16 '18 at 6:35
  • Bancor contract etherscan.io/address/… – cleanunicorn Feb 16 '18 at 13:24

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