I started my first Dapp through this tutorial (“https://ethereum.org/greeter#the-solc-compiler”). But, there is a step (following image show ) I can’t understand, don't know what should I do: enter image description here

I search on Google, and I found this is a difference of Eth GitHub wiki tutoring:

enter image description here

And, I executed "eth.getCompilers()" is show enter image description here

I stopped at this step. What should I do make I can create my Greeter Dapp?

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Are you using Geth? eth.getCompilers are gone after geth geth 1.6.0. https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/209

Deprecate eth_compile family of methods

And there is a tool that will help you compiling and deploying contracts. Truffle does the job. And yesterday they had a very good webinar explaining basics of smart contract and how to use Truffle (48 min): https://youtu.be/OoAC_AB4w-o

Learn about the sweetest way to develop for Ethereum. Beginners welcome!

  • Thank you very much. my geth's version is 1.7.3-stable-4bb3c89d; I want to know how to execute the code is the official tutorial about first image's detail.
    – lily
    Feb 2, 2018 at 6:56

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