I am able to publish my contract in testrpc , but when i am trying to publish same contract in geth, i am getting below error:

creation of lease errored: Gas required exceeds limit: 3000000. An important gas estimation might also be the sign of a problem in the contract code. Please check loops and be sure you did not sent value to a non payable function (that's also the reason of strong gas estimation).

Though I have 26000 ether in my account. Any suggestion what am i doing wrong?

  • Now it's got resolved just changed the chainid to 15 Jan 30, 2018 at 8:56

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Yes. You need to provide more gas to your contract deployment. The error is explicit:

Gas required exceeds limit: 3000000.

Just proovide more gas. Moreover, I would recommend you to check your contract again, check gas requirement with remix, and optimize it. More than 3m gas is quite big already.

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