I made 1 request to create a sell order on polonium platform, it returned success. I see 2 orders in order history

 ETH/BTC    Sell    Exchange    0.04683003  0.00583652  0.00000041 BTC
 (0.15%)    0.00027291 BTC  2017-12-20 07:11:44
 ETH/BTC    Sell    Exchange    0.04683003  0.05633578  0.00000396 BTC
 (0.15%)    0.00263424 BTC  2017-12-20 07:11:42

not sure why but aggregation of amounts is equal to initial amount i sent in my request. As far as i understand order succeed, but my balances do not show it. My ETH balance remain the same as BTC balance. I don't have any open orders as well. How can i understand what happened with the order ?

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Answer is I calculated wrong amount, since i used sell and not buy option.

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