Yesterday i sent some ether from my bitstamp account to an address I've created on MetaMask/Chrome.

Bitstamp tells transaction done:

Transaction ID (TXID): 0xef7b75aa80f2124b89a83c609f23d8a8cd4d66f5e429879146f16fdb5ce2a530

Etherscan gives status "1":


status  "1"
message "OK"
isError "0"
errDescription  ""

But my MetaMask account did not receive anything! Address: 0xE05175635921B08B4124421788029A938ea24A1E

Etherscan shows no transaction for it. Where are the ethers?

Thx a lot for any tipp ...


I'm having issues with my transactions too. What gas price did you use? Apparently kittens clogged the network recently.

Try resending your transaction with higher gas price. You can get an idea about the network status and required gas price from here: https://ethgasstation.info/

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