In Bitcoin I can use the rpc calls to manage the node or broadcast transactions. How can this be done with Ethereum?

  • Is there a list of public open nodes I can use?
  • How can I do this in the browser using javascript?

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The most easily-accessible source of "public" Ethereum nodes is probably Infura (https://infura.io/). There is also something called QuickNode (https://quiknode.io/), but I think their nodes are time limited. Infura's nodes are open to the public, but I've seen mention that it may not be forever.


QuikNode now has a 100% free tier on their QuikNode API service. You get access to Ethereum MainNet just by registering an account QuikNode.io


I have experience using nownodes.io, which has worked well for me for over a year. They also have a testnet for ETH, which is easy to test with a free trial.

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