I have problem with connection of two nodes in private network. First i am set private nodes on different PCs, and create accounts\mine on it apart. And all been ok.

Next time, i am deleted all database, then create custom genesis file, and initalize this file on both nodes. Then, i am run and connect nodes with addPeer command. Nodes successfully connecting. On first of them, i am creating accounts and mine, second node start to receiving blocks.

But then, i try to create account on second node, it returns hex addres, but accountsList returns undefined.

  • Are you using geth or parity? Which are the command you execute to create an account? Account are not synced across nodes, each node has its own sets of accounts.
    – Ismael
    Oct 4, 2017 at 19:24

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So sorry, i am just use wrong command. Its listAccounts, not accountsList.

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