When I am testing the withdraw() method from "WithdrawalContract" from http://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/develop/common-patterns.html using Remix and testrpc, it reported the following error. Testrpc gas limit is set to 0xffffff. Any hint on why does this problem appear?

callback contain no result Error: Error: base fee exceeds gas limit
at runCall (/home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:88096:17)
at /home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:11855:24
at replenish (/home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:8948:17)
at iterateeCallback (/home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:8933:17)
at /home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:8908:16
at /home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:11860:13
at /home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:74400:16
at replenish (/home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:74347:25)
at /home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:74356:9
at eachLimit (/home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:74280:36)
at /home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:75460:16
at VM.AsyncEventEmitter.emit (/home/chankh/anaconda3/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/build/cli.node.js:74051:3)

FYI The contract code is

pragma solidity ^0.4.11;

contract WithdrawalContract {
    address public richest;
    uint public mostSent;

    mapping (address => uint) pendingWithdrawals;

    function WithdrawalContract() payable {
        richest = msg.sender;
        mostSent = msg.value;

    function becomeRichest() payable returns (bool) {
        if (msg.value > mostSent) {
            pendingWithdrawals[richest] += msg.value;
            richest = msg.sender;
            mostSent = msg.value;
            return true;
        } else {
            return false;

    function withdraw() {
        uint amount = pendingWithdrawals[msg.sender];
        // Remember to zero the pending refund before
        // sending to prevent re-entrancy attacks
        pendingWithdrawals[msg.sender] = 0;

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Have you read this "callback contain no result Error: Error: base fee exceeds gas limit" when call selfdestruct function (using Remix IDE) ?

I suggest to test your contract using MyEtherWallet. The setup is quite simple:

  1. visit https://www.myetherwallet.com/
  2. on the top-right corner, select the dropdown menu and choose "Add Custom Node"
  3. add the IP address and port number where testrpc is running (tipically is
  4. go to contract tab and insert the contract address (deployed with Remix) and its ABI interface

Now you can interact with your contract.

In your example, I called the witdraw() function with gas limit 30000 and it works.

  • Yes it works like a charm.
    – KaHei Chan
    Commented Jul 24, 2017 at 18:00

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