Maybe a Noob question. I have the text file from the keystore folder. I have the password. How can I access my funds without using Mist/Geth? These are not working on my computer. Is there an online option to import the wallet. If I input the strings from the file in myetherwallet.com it will only show empty other accounts. Also I did not need to enter my password. Where can I find the encrypted key string in the file.

  • "These are not working on my computer." I'd like to know more about this. Why are they not working?
    – linagee
    Commented Mar 12, 2016 at 19:29

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Just upload the entire keystore file under "Upload JSON" on the Send Transaction tab. It is not a text file, it is a JSON file, just with no labeled extension. Then it will ask for your password.

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