Using web.js, I can query the event logs of a contract using the "web3.eth.filter" method. The documentation states that this method accepts an object with a "topics" property, which is says are "An array of values which must each appear in the log entries".

My question, can I match a substring of a topic? For example, say I have an event like this:

event AddedEntity (
    string indexed _title
    string indexed _contents,
    uint256 indexed _id

and I fire that event in the smart contract like so:

AddedEntity("Week 34", "Interesting Data", 142);

Can I search the contract's event logs for the keyword "Interesting" and expect a match? Or will I only find a match if I search for "Interesting Data"?

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For indexed arguments, only the hash of the value is used, so no it is not possible to search for a substring, only exact values will match.

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