I am developing a light wallet for a private network. I use ethereumjs-accounts for storing accounts locally and ethereum-tx for signing transactions. I have deployed custom token-contract. Here is my txParams object:

        nonce: nonce, //transaction count
        gasPrice: "0x0", //private network do not need gas
        gas: "0x0",
        from: account, //sender account
        to: contractParams.address,
        value: "0x0",
        data: this.contractInstance.sendFunds.getData(
        ) //calling functions to send tokens from 1 account to another

Than I sign the transaction and send it to the chain:

    let tx = new EthereumTx(txParams);


    let serializedTx = '0x' + tx.serialize().toString('hex');

    this.web3.eth.sendRawTransaction(serializedTx, (err, hash) => {
        if(err) {
            console.log('Transaction hash: ', hash);

After sending the transaction I receive tx hash but nothing more happens. I can get transaction by hash for 30-40 seconds after sending and then the transaction disappears, and if I try to get it after 40 seconds - I get null.

Any ideas what can cause this problem and how to debug it?

Transaction object from web3.eth.getTransaction(); enter image description here

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are nonce and contractParams.address both hex-encoded with a leading 0x prefix?

ps) it would be a good idea to pad all hex-encoded values with a leading 0 if the length is odd.. to ensure that the length is even. (ie: 0x1 should be entered as 0x01, etc)

pps) txParams.from can be removed.. it has no meaning

  • Thanks for comment. Problem solved, but was at anotyher sing. Don't know why, but web3js couldn't get public key to fill from field. I have reinstalled lib and it works now.
    – Baga
    Commented Jul 24, 2017 at 21:38

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