I'm looking for guidance on how to incorporate a custom logo for my ERC-20 token when importing it into my Safe Wallet. Currently, the token displays a default logo, and I want to personalize it with the specific logo associated with my token. I've explored the settings within the Safe Wallet but haven't found a direct option to customize the logo for ERC-20 tokens. Additionally, I've reviewed online resources related to ERC-20 token customization but haven't found specific instructions for integrating logos into the Safe Wallet.

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We have a process for that! Could you please:

  • Provide a proof of legitimacy of the token (links to Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, etc. are accepted).
  • Provide the network where the token lives.
  • Provide the contract address for the token to be modified.
  • Provide a logo image to be attached to the desired token.

Thanks! Louis

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