I'm following a tutorial on how to create an ERC721 contract and I've ran into a problem. I can't see the image for an NFT I've minted on Opensea's testnet. none of the metadata will load after almost 24 hours and multiple refreshes.

The nft collection:


The nft's metadata: https://ipfs.filebase.io/ipfs/QmPR6z3JM8vtUe1PNRsUD6CtBbu3yTt1PaKjNhkG3LWduH/QmUvcr9d9XTgwTNYf9tBGcdpEcgGFdy5kCaqdVZEVmzKLL

Remix does show the the 0 token has been minted and that it has the accurate ipfs hash

enter image description here

The tutorial in question:


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enter image description here

https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmPR6z3JM8vtUe1PNRsUD6CtBbu3yTt1PaKjNhkG3LWduH/ This is a directory or folder, not a json file.

enter image description here

If you set tokenURI(0) to ipfs://QmPR6z3JM8vtUe1PNRsUD6CtBbu3yTt1PaKjNhkG3LWduH/QmUvcr9d9XTgwTNYf9tBGcdpEcgGFdy5kCaqdVZEVmzKLL OR ipfs://QmUvcr9d9XTgwTNYf9tBGcdpEcgGFdy5kCaqdVZEVmzKLL, you may be able to display the metadata.

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