We have a smart contract on BSC and we were using Ledger for our owner wallet, to write to the smart contract on BSCscan. We are undergoing a Certik audit, and Certik asked us to move the owner wallet to a multisig wallet such as Gnosis.

Our main concern is that - if we move the owner wallet to Gnosis, will we be able to write to our smart contract as _owner using BSCscan.com's contract write page? This is really important for us because if we're unable to do so, then we effectively will lose all access to the smart contract.


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When speaking about a multisig wallet, in order to execute a method on a smart contract, a new proposal needs to be created and signed by N out of M signers. Having this in mind, you'll be able to perform any function call on your smart contract (that's marked as onlyRole for example) only through a dedicated proposal.

The simplest solution I recommend is using OpenZeppelin Defender to create a Gnosis Safe and manage proposals. Using their platform you can create a new proposal (either by UI or programmatically) and invite all the signers to approve it.

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