I'm getting a console error in hardhat test case this is my solidity code

 * donateToCampaign - Allows a user to donate to a specific campaign.
 * @param _id the ID of the campaign to donate to.
function donateToCampaign(uint256 _id) public payable noReentrancy {
    uint256 amount = msg.value;

    Campaign storage campaign = campaigns[_id];

        campaign.status != CampaignStatus.Close,
        "This campaign is not open to fund."

        campaign.deadline > block.timestamp &&
        "The campaign is not open or has reached its goal."

        campaign.amountCollected + amount <= campaign.target,
        "Donation exceeds campaign target."

    campaign.amountCollected += amount;

    if (campaign.amountCollected == campaign.target) {
        campaign.status = CampaignStatus.Successful;
        emit CampaginSuccessfullyFunded(campaign);


and the test case in hardhat using chai

 it("should allow a user to donate to a campaign", async () => {
const target = ethers.utils.parseEther("1");
await contract.connect(aliceAccount).createCampaign(
  "Test Campaign",
  "Test Description",
let cc = await contract.campaigns(0);
const tx = await contract
  .donateToCampaign(0, { value: ethers.utils.parseEther("0.5") });
const campaign = await contract.campaigns(0);


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You do not need to transfer the value if the value is sent in a payable method No need: payable(address(this)).transfer(amount)

If you really want to use this then you have to define a fallback function to receive ether.


receive() payable external {}

Fallback function is necessary to receive any amount of ether. Otherwise you can not send ether to the smart contract using wallet like metamask.


I believe the error comes from the last line of your function.

payable(address(this)).transfer(amount); // Also why tf are you doing that?

Here, your contract is trying to call its own fallback ( or receive) function, if it doesnt exist, the whole call would revert with this error message.

Also, unrelated, but why are you using a nonReentrant modifier inside a function that doesn't make any external calls?


Update the smart contract address after deployment in your tests. It seems like the contract address is hardcoded.

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