I cannot figure out why the transaction is getting reverted by Mumbai testnet. It works fine in Remix EVM and Hardhat testsuite but is getting reverted on mumbai and rinkeby networks, I haven't tested other EVM networks but I think result would be the same.

This is the contract function I'm calling:

    function addAllPotentialWinnings(
        uint256 _eventNumber,
        uint256[][] memory _potentialWinnings,
        uint256[] memory _chainsList,
        address[] memory _winnersList
    ) public onlyOwner {
        winnersList[_eventNumber] = _winnersList;
        updateChains(_eventNumber, _chainsList);
        for (uint i = 0; i < _winnersList.length; i++) {

I provide it with with the data that fits the proposed schema. But the execution is reverted. Here is the exact data I provided to the execution:

(0, [[3700000000000, 617288888888888]],[4,80001],["0xE57EF8ba635f6659685d1A84c04c112D63619Ee5"])

Reverted transaction on blockexplorer and the verified contract I'm working with.

I call the transaction from the front end with ethers.js and after making the call metamask confirmation window pops up where I confirm the transaction but later (~15-20s) after the transaction is mined I get the metamask error in a pop up.

Other state changing transactions are going through. What am I doing wrong?

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I could not resolve this problem directly - had to completely change the data structure of the contract to allow for this functionality.

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