Whenever I do a fork on mainnet at latest with hardhat, it's never at the latest block. Why is that? For example in the below:

    console.log("BLOCK FRO ALCHEMY: ", (await alchemyEthProvider.getBlock("latest")).number); //block N
    console.log("BLOCK FROM HARDHAT", (await hardhatProvider.getBlock("latest")).number); //block N-5

The hardhat settings for mainnet forking just uses the same provider as alchemyEthProvider above, so it's sourced from the same provider, ultimately. But for some reason, forking is a bit slower.

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There are a couple key factors here:

  • you're forking "from" mainnet, not on it
  • a data/code "fork" is just like a fork in the road; one continues to the left and another to the right

This is why the fork cannot match mainnet, because it's now a completely different road and is effectively its own network.

  • this is not exactly true. if he forks latest block, then the hardhat's and mainnet's heads are equal, until either the local network or mainnet is altered
    – Risinek
    Feb 28 at 15:50

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