I am using a data separation pattern, keeping my data in a contract and the business logic in a separate contract that calls the storage one to add/update/delete records.

In order to send the Data struct as an argument in those CRUD functions, would it be acceptable to create a third "types" contract and inherit the types both from "logic" and "storage" contracts?

// Types.sol

contract Types {
  struct Data {
// Logic.sol

contract Logic is Types {
  function someFunction(type1 param1, type2 param2) {
    Data data = Data(param1, param2);

// Storage.sol

contract Storage is Types {
  function someFunction(Data data) onlyLogic { ... }

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No problem at all. Inheritance in Solidity is essentially fake. The reality is, at compile-time, you will end up with all the functions merged in a single smart contract. It's just a way to separate code mentally. If you extend a contract many times (with many is Types in your case), Solidity adds functions from Types contract only once in any case.

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