Need some expert to provide guidance.. Did an ETH transaction and it was a success.. Suddenly, there was a duplicate transaction (exact same transaction) with the same nonce appearing..

Duplicate transaction with same nonce

On Etherscan, the duplicate transaction status is showing as Pending.. However, when you drilled into tx, its status is showing as Success

Drilled in of 2nd transaction - Success Status

As the duplicate transaction is "pending", I am not unable to send the last transaction as it kept showing there is a pending account nonce

Last transaction which is stuck due to lower account nonce

Can anyone advice how do I remove the duplicate pending 2nd transaction so that my latest transaction can process.. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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This is an etherscan bug.

If transaction 0x506d was included in a block, any other transaction from the same address and the same nonce is void. It should not prevent you to send another transaction with nonce + 1.

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