I am using React, to interact with a smart contract deployed on local Ganache, I can approve allowances to accounts generated by Ganache, but I can't approve allowance with Metamask accounts which aren't.

await tokenContract.methods.approve(farmContractAddress, amount).call({ from: userAccount })

Using this, I tried using:

            method: 'wallet_requestPermissions',
            params: [{
                eth_accounts: {
                    requiredMethods: ['signTypedData_v3']

but I don't understand which methods can be added in the requiredMethods param, to require the user to 'Approve' them.

PS: I am a beginner. Thank you

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On a personal project I made on react also using Metamask I used eth_requestAccounts like this, as you can see in my code:

await window.ethereum.request({ method: 'eth_requestAccounts' });

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