I know some transaction has some input bytes to the contract as specified by Etherscan or a mining pool (for instance, this transaction has input data that looks like 0x000000062de258...9b1d). I know how to deserialize that into json, and I want to send those bytes to another contract. How do I send the identical transaction data, using say ethers with hardhat or geth, without knowing the ABI of any of the contracts involved?

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If you use Ethers than you can create a signer (e.g. Wallet) and call sendTransaction with the data and to that you want.

With hardhat-ethers you can get all available signers with await hre.ethers.getSigners()

You can also do this directly via MetaMask:

enter image description here

An example where this is done can be found here (at 1:35): https://www.loom.com/share/ca34aabcd62747fb9fb89bd463b4c741

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