Below is the contact code. This is basically a lottery contract.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity >=0.8.10;

contract Lottery {
    address public manager;
    address[] public players;

    constructor() public {
        manager = msg.sender;

    function enter() public payable {
        require(msg.value > .01 ether);


    function random() private view returns (uint) {
        return uint(keccak256(abi.encodePacked(block.difficulty,block.timestamp,players)));


    function pickWinner() public restricted {
        uint index = random() % players.length;
        players = new address[](0);

    modifier restricted() {
        require(msg.sender == manager);

    function getPlayers() public view returns (address payable[] memory) {
        return players;

On the last line return players, I am getting this ERROR: Return argument type address[] storage ref is not implicitly convertible to expected type (type of first return variable) address payable[] memory.

What am I missing ??

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You could change your getPlayers() function to the following:

    function getPlayers() public view returns (address[] memory) {
        return players;

From solidity 0.8.0 onwards you dont need to explicitly define things as payable. You can just wrap addresses in payable when you need it. For example:

    function test() public payable {
        address player1 = getPlayers()[0];

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