This line of code changes state when a new owner is set, but remix still wants to me to mark the declaration with view, which reads from the contract.

Why is that?

pragma solidity ^0.8.7;

 function setOwner(address _newOwner) external onlyOwner {
        require(_newOwner != address(0), "invalid address");
        owner == _newOwner;

View causes me to not be able to properly set (change) state.


This is not an error on solidity's side look, at your owner variable change :

owner == _newOwner;

I believe you meant to write :

 owner = _newOwner;

This meant your function was actually not changing the state in any way. So requiring it to be set to view is a perfectly valid recommendation.

  • This is correct! I can't believe I missed that. Accepted, but don't have 15 points yet!
    – doswelleth
    Oct 30 at 8:19

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