I have question related to transactions. Is is possible to verify transaction by sender and receiver. For example user A want to send money to user B. User A create transaction, digitaly signed. Miners/validator verify transaction and that mean that user A sending some money to user B. But what if user B is not willing to accept this money? Is there some way to ask user B do you want this money to accept (mybee through contract ..)?

  • it works like a bank, if you send money to some account, it will be registered no matter you want it or not
    – Nulik
    Aug 27 at 15:15
  • Is it possible for smart contracts to accept transaction (sending money) only if there is conformation from recipient? Is that revert() function?
    – explorer
    Aug 28 at 6:17

You can use revert() or require(msg.value == 0) in your fallback function for rejecting coming Ethers. But anyways somebody send Ether to you with selfdestruct() function. It is a way to forcefully send ether. In EOAs there is no way to rejecting coming money.

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