I want to interact with a third party contract.

I can interact with (third party) Smart Contract A.

Inside Smart Contract A's code is

import { contractb } from ".../ContractB.sol";

ContractB public contractb; 

some functions inside Contract A interact with contractb by using something like


I would like to interact with a function that is available inside contractb. Can I do this, or would this only be possible if Contract A is calling the function in one of it's functions?

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Yes, that's right!You can use another contract within a contract.

Solidity is influenced by the C++, Python and Javascript languages,A lot of syntax is similar.

The following code works correctly,You can use it as a reference

contract Test {

    ContractA public contractA = new ContractA();

    function test() public view returns (bool){
        return contractA.contractB().test();


contract ContractA {
    ContractB  public contractB;

    constructor() public {
        contractB = new ContractB();

contract ContractB {

    constructor() public {}

    function test() public view returns (bool){
        return true;

  • I am trying to interact with a third party contract. As I said I can interact with Contract A, but I also want to interact with contractb that is inside Contract A. Sadly Contract A's code is not calling the function I want to use, so I was hoping I could call contractb directly. when I interact with Contract A, I type contracta.function() in javascript, I was hoping for something like contracta.contractb.function(), but that did not work.
    – Sebastian
    Aug 2, 2021 at 10:33
  • You can use the interface of contract B to interact with B, and if contract B doesn't define an interface you can write one based on its function.Then instantiate it with InterfaceName(contractB_address), and you can use the contractB functions.
    – zmy
    Aug 3, 2021 at 1:25

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