Are there any Ethereum vanity address generators available other than:

Which is the fastest? Can they be optimized further?

What is the use-case of vanity addresses compared to normal addresses?

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This is a community wiki of vanity address generators, sorted by name.


  • You should always check that you can use your newly generated addresses before sending any significant amount of ethers to these addresses.
  • You could send a small amount of ethers to your newly generated address, then move a small portion of these ethers from your newly generated address to another address.
  • You could cross-check your generated address against an air-gapped (if you are paranoid) installation of https://www.myetherwallet.com/. @tayvano is one of the authors.
  • Better still cross-check your generated address by importing your newly generated private key into geth (see How to import a plain private key into geth or Mist?).

Vanity Address Generators


Download from ethaddress.org or run from the Internet on your web browser from https://ryepdx.github.io/ethaddress.org/. @ryepdx is the author.

  • This is a full paper wallet generator that includes a bulk vanity generator
  • It is safer to download the ethaddress.org - master.zip from github, copy the package to an air-gapped computer (if you are paranoid), unzip the files and browse index.html.
  • There was a bug #19 in the address generation due to bug in the downstream ethereumjs-tx dependency, but this is now fixed. If you have downloaded this package prior to 03/03/2016, please re-download the package.


Ethaddrgen is a multicore command line utility written in Rust for generating Ethereum vanity addresses. It includes support for pattern lists, regexp, continuous results, and more.

Ethereum Vanity

Ethereum Vanity - Written in JavaScript


Vanieth - Written in Go


Vanityreum - Written in Python


Vanity-ETH is an ETH vanity address generator that runs in your web browser.

  • It can save your generated address into a password encrypted JSON/UTC keystore file compatible with MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, geth...
  • I runs from any computer, no software needed other than a web browser
  • You can download a build and make it work completely offline if you're paranoid

Vanity Identicon Generators

Ethereum Vanity Identicon Generator

The Ethereum Vanity Identicon Generator is a JavaScript-based generator which can be run from your web browser. Cody Watts is the author.

  • Although it can be used to generate vanity addresses, its primary purpose is to generate addresses which have unusual or distinctive identicons.
  • Identicons can be filtered by symmetry, number of colors, contrast-ratio and color scheme.
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    Pro tip: When testing the address to make sure it really works, it's good enough to send ETH on a testnet, such as Ropsten. No need to send real ETH in these times of high gas prices.
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    !!!!!!! Be aware that Profanity just disclosed a vulnerability, so avoid that one! See: github.com/johguse/profanity Sep 16, 2022 at 23:31

Whit Jackson made one that appears to be made using HTML/Javascript (GitHub link). He also had a website where you could generate the addresses client side, but it appears to be down now.


Vanitygen Plus Plus

There is another very fast (support GPU) vanity address generator, support BTC/ETH/etc. See: https://github.com/10gic/vanitygen-plusplus


I developed simple vanity address generator which is working as Vue js PWA web app on github-pages here: https://gkucmierz.github.io/vanity-eth/

Here is the source code: https://github.com/gkucmierz/vanity-eth

Right now it is using few (depending how much cores it detects) workers on CPU, but probably it is possible to also implement mining it on GPU using https://www.w3.org/TR/webgpu

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