How to clone(fork) a smart contract with only bytecodes deployed on etherscan.io (without abi and source code)?

First, I try to submit the same bytecodes from etherscan.io using web3, but it failed. The submitted bytecodes were tampered by signature.

Second, I try to deploy by geth, but it needs abi, which I cannot find on etherscan.io

Last but not least, I know the msg.data structure, eg, (address to, address from, uint256 amount)

Deploying contract using byteCode

"Actually the data of deployed contract transaction is bytecode concatenate with abi encoded of constructor parameters." "If you know inputs of constructor, you can use ethereumjs-abi to deploy contract."

but I don't know how?


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you dont need an abi to deploy. deploying with just bytecodes is possible using etherjs

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