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Ever since I was a little kid, programming has been my passion. I still remember sitting in front of an IBM PS/1 with MS-DOS floppy loaded in, making it print "Hello, K" in BASIC for the very first time. As I explored BASIC, it was almost like magic; being able to make the computer do whatever I wanted.

Throughout middle and high school, I started learning the programming languages I could get my hands on, starting from Lotus. I learned C, then C++. It was just too exciting.

The passion carried me through my education in Bangalore. There was plenty of resources and people with similar interest. It was a dream come true. I studied new languages, algorithms, compilers, system programming all with the same fascination that drove me as a kid. And it was here that I learned, truly how much there was yet to learn!

So, now, in the industry, this passion remains with me. I am always getting opportunities to learn new languages, solve problems and building apps. And for this, I am very grateful.

Languages that I love the most: Go, Swift and Vue.js Favourite editors: GoLand, Visual Studio Code and Xcode

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