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Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, December 26, 1974.

I do lot of R&D and started writing code when I was 7 years old, sitting on my father's lap, taking turns reading and writing code on a TRS-80 CoCo in BASIC around 1980-1981.

Former CS/NS/Math student at UNB, Dalhousie and Carleton Universities.

I write a lot of code in various forms and "software developer" isn't really a good description of my career. I am a computer scientist and neuroscientist with a strong physics and mathematics background and a generalist / polymath.

I study everything, and do R&D and invent new products and develop new ideas. My primary source of income is writing software products using that knowledge, but I'm also into hardware - 3D printing and robotics and electronics.

I'm a researcher, inventor, scientist, philosopher, and student of everything, and have been recently working on software to chat (LLMs using RAG Agents) with large complex textbooks, like you would see for university digital textbooks, and legal publications, and complex technical manuals with integrated hypermedia.

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