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So I was a computer science major from what you might classify as the late cretaceous period in the technological equivalent of a geologic time line. COBOL, ASCII, Fortran....err, BASIC...yeah, I know. Snigger if you must.

I eventually grew up and turned into a professional in the logistics field. Though I loved the math and the problem solving, I just couldn't reconcile myself to writing code for a living. I more or less fell into this line of work but was able to draw a lot of parallels between my training and easily found practical applications for the logic, mapping and the rest. My career 'choice' afforded me the opportunity to travel considerably and work with people from all around the world.

Technology has always interested me, hence how I find myself here lurking amongst many clever and perhaps not so clever folks from all over. I don't know yet what my place is within this quickly evolving ecosystem (I speak more about blockchain technology than this specific Ethereum experiment) but I hope to discover it at some point and participate, even if it only happens to be by proxy.

And if you've managed to read this far without falling asleep..all the best to you and your discoveries.

Best, Absconds

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