Jason Cochran

I am a full-stack web and mobile app developer with 20 total years of experience in JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, Backbone, Cordova, CSS, SASS, Ruby/Rails, Mongo, Meteor, Graphql, React/Redux, Node, etc. I am also a family man and devoted husband.

I started my career in web development in 1998 working for an online travel agency. I helped build their air, car, hotel booking system using ColdFusion. From 2000 to 2007 I was self-employed as a consultant doing web sites and web apps. Since then I worked for various companies doing very large internal web apps.

At my previous employer I was the lead Front-End developer on an internal ERP desktop/mobile Meteor/RoR app. It was used by thousands of users worldwide. I was very proud of the UI and how clean and easy-to-use it was. It was initially built with several rails engines (custom gems) and then we ported it over to Meteor, but kept the REST API in rails as that was tied directly into systems. When it was strictly a rails app, I built a custom build routine using grunt to export all of the assets and do some conversion and compression of javascript and css files, which could then be built with XCode to build the mobile app. Meteor apps are much easier to port so we didn't all of that once we converted.

I loved how all of the different pieces fit. I like that instead of having to use a complex backend system that was very cumbersome to use, we built this ERP web app that saved the company literally millions of dollars in wasted time and energy. As I mentioned, I was very proud of the UI. The code was so clean and easy to understand. We all poured our heart and soul into that app.

I am very detail oriented. I know how to deliver. I know how to talk to non-programmers. I know how to write very thorough design specs and estimates. I am always researching new coding techniques, new libraries, new technologies. I can provide references, just ask.

I have experience with:

  • javascript (including ES6)
  • react/redux
  • graphql
  • node/express
  • meteor
  • bootstrap, material design, KendoUI
  • databases: postgres, mongodb, sqlserver, mysql
  • .net (VB.NET and C#)
  • php
  • backbone
  • rails
  • coldfusion
  • ionic
  • angular
  • sockets
  • git
  • webpack
  • gulp
  • grunt

Github: github.com/appjitsu

Thank you for your time. I look forward to working with you.

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