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How to get a index position of the storage on the smart contract?

If you are using foundry for development, the cast command line utility will give you entire storage layout for your contract. You'll have to give an rpc-url for the network and the blockscanner api ...
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Tracking the spedup transactions from metamask

There is one way of tracking this. Follow these steps. Fetch the nonce of the last transaction submitted by the account. In this case, the nonce of increaseAllowance called. Subscribe for pending ...
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Error (9322): No matching declaration found after argument-dependent lookup

Try to use Also try put the function testDust() public in contract ContractTest is Test {} deal(address(LocalHLP) , bob , 10000e18 ,);
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ethers.js library version to use to learn Ethereum development

For learning ethers.js, it would be better to learn the latest version, v6 currently. v6 allows you to also learn built-in ES2020 BigInt. One of the biggest changes in v6 is that the BigNumber class ...
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How to know base token from the pool

There is no on-chain way to determine which token is a base token or which is a quote token if token0 and token1 are mapped to normal trading pairs. The trading pair base-quote token order is a human-...
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Listening to UniswapV3 PoolCreated event with web3

Dev Advocate at Chainstack here. As far as I know, Infura (and getblock), at this point, don't allow for subscriptions over WebSocket. I don't wanna be the devil's advocate, but Chainstack allows for ...
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Error "does not exist" using web3.eth.personal.sign

This answer is just for in case you are not created the rpc provider by your own but using external provider(like: Infura, Alchemy, Pokt, ...) as they will not support --rpcapi personal (Actually, all ...
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Ethereum Address string size

0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 how to generate address keep 37 chracter constant and generate last 5 characters like this 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 ...
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