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check this question - If web3 is not defined as a global variable, but you have "web3 = new Web3(web3.currentProvider)" inside a function - the web3 object will be local for that function only, while with window.web3 it will be globaly accessible


There is no dist folder (containing the web3.min.js file) in the latest versions (1.x) You can select tag 0.20.7 on github before downloading the zip - it contains a ready to use web3.min.js


First you need to write and deploy a simple storage smart-contract (with solidity and truffle), then you need to use the web3js library to connect to the blockchain and later to call your function in the smart-contract --> send a transaction to upload the hash of the file in your deployed smart contract The web3 library provide a function to calcuate the ...


I hope this will work for you, const contract = new web3.eth.Contract(abi); const estimateGas = await contract.deploy({ data: bytecode }).estimateGas(); contract.deploy({ data: bytecode, arguments: ['TestToken', 'Token', 18, '1000000000000000000000'] }) .send({ from: yourAddress, gas: estimateGas, }) .on('error', (error) => { console.log(...

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