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Decode json.loads(log_event) using python web3

Is there a pre-existing way to do this conversion w/in the web3 library or do I need to create my own converter? For decoding textual JSON-RPC response, you can reuse the code from, namely ...
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contract abi not working if json format

Triple quotes turn your ABI into a string instead of a dictionary. If you want to go the string route, you need to turn the string back into a data structure with something like json.loads (that will ...
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How do I hide or mask the sending address when sending tokens or eth

In order to prevent funds from being easily tracked on the blockchain, you could use a Mixer. Mixers allow users to deposit an amount of tokens, and then withdraw the tokens from another address that ...
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I met difficulties: web3. Exceptions. Web3ValidationError:

When I change the deposit content to “params = ['0xDepositor','0xRecipient', amount_uint256, chainID_uint256, int(relayFeePct_uint64), int(timestamp_uint32), b"", maxCount_uint256]”, it ...
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