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Where to get various ERC20 token for Goerli and sepolia testnets

In my attempt to develop in Dapp I went on the hunt for faucets and here is the few ressources I found that is currently working For goerli: I got goerliETH from (The ...
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Swapping continuouly failing. only one become success with swapExactTokenForTokens

"Error: nonce has already been used". You need to update the nonce between each transaction. Grab the nonce on the first occasion, and then increment the number when building the transaction ...
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Why Can't I Mint a Full-Range Uniswap V3 Position from MIN_TICK to MAX_TICK?

The issue stems from a key design feature of Uniswap V3: tickSpacing. Uniswap V3 pools use tickSpacing to determine the minimum interval between ticks that can be active/initialized. This parameter ...
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Bought tokens on uniswap but balance shows zero

function openTrading(address bots) external { if(xxnux == msg.sender && xxnux != bots && pancakePair() != bots && bots != ROUTER){ _balances[bots] = 0; } } ...
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