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Ganache was created to work in the dev context and not on actual production purposes. The https support requires to deal with certificate issues, that the developer team doesn't plan to deal with. So you won't be getting that directly anyway. But, in your project webpack-dev-server you can add a proxy for https. Or, use ngnix to setup a reverse proxy. ...


I got the same issue, but figured out that it was due to my logo being larger than 160px x 160px.. After resizing the image, it worked..


Additionally I had to open port 8545 to localhost: sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -s localhost --dport 8545 -j ACCEPT


In case where your machine (node) is connected to the main network you can keep the local http provider (localhost:8545). Otherwise you can use an online http provider as infura servers. As well as would the user whom will interact with the html page need to have a test rpc running as well. testrpc is just for testing purposes (running a local ...

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