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It solved with @goodvibration 's answer.


I don't have enough reputation to put this in a comment, so I'm just going to write out a whole new answer in order to include Firefox, especially since it will allow Tor users to run off a local node). As pointed out above, the --rpccorsdomain flag needs to be enabled. Each browser has a different extension that you'll need to put in, though. Chrome For ...


First, switch network to another network and try to reconnect again to ganache network( Make sure While you connecting to matamask using ganache, you have set up a connection like below : Then you need to import accounts in metamask using private keys provided in ganache. You can see I already imported account that is ...


As suggested here, log out of your metamask, switch your network to localhost 8545 (this option is already available) and then sign in using your ganache's mnemonic.

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