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How to use Bulloak in Github CI workflow?

Yes, you can use the Bulloak in the CI to automate BTT checks. An example below: name: "Verify the specs of concrete tests using bulloak" on: "workflow_call" jobs: bulloak-...
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How to mine on a POS private network

Here is a page named proof-of-stake-devnet from prysm `s doc. explain how to use prysm to achieve your goal , and can set balance of you account for testing purpose.
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How to mine on a POS private network

IMO mining on a private PoS network isn't possible because mining is inherently a PoW process.
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Set forge fuzz.runs in github CI tests

You could try including: [] fuzz = { runs = 10 } verbosity = 4 in your foundry.toml file in the root of the repository. I was not aware of the way to set the number of runs in a fuzz ...
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TransferFrom Reverted on Foundry Test

You do give approvals correctly, but in the depositTokens modifier's code you call startPrank, passing the LIQUIDITY_PROVIDER account again, whereas the approvals were granted for the tradingPair. The ...
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