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Update: I had originally thought the OP's question was about stored state, but have since realized that even the block headers seem to be unavailable. Answers have been edited a bit to reflect this, but still kept in their general format to help anyone who might have the headers but is wondering where their state went. Full nodes verify the entire chain, but ...


Once the contract is deployed in Matic network, how this get sync with Ethereum Mainnet ? It doesn't. You need to use a bridge to move tokens between two different chains, like Polygon (Matic) and Ethereum mainnets. The security guarantees are lower and transaction times are higher for the bridged transactions. A separate token contract needs to be deployed ...


The normal operation of Ethereum and other blockchains is to Store new transactions in a bucket Ethereum does not store transactions in a bucket and this is not standard terminology. The Ethereum transaction life cycle is explained here.


The bootnodes on the commandline are no longer needed. That repo was created when ropsten was attacked a few years ago. New client version should have the correct bootnodes. Around 10 Mar 2021 Ropsten was forked to Berlink, see announcement on Ethereum blog. In order to synchronize to the correct branch use geth v1.10.1 at least.

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