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How to use Open Zeppelin subgraphs to query ERC721 balance?

As an alternative to the graph, you can also use API providers to query the ERC721 balance from EVM blockchains. For example, you can use Moralis getWalletNFTs API to do the same thing in a few lines ...
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How do I get GraphQL query to get data for a specific Pancake LP pair from pancake swap hosted graph

Your query is correct, just note that addresses in The Graph are all lowercase. For example, for the pair 0x0002D9a4Af937b6c85497a77906b44f6ADfC8702 you cannot use the checksummed address; instead, ...
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How to Use Subgraph Enums in the Mapping?

You cannot import enums into mappings from the generated schema. Instead, you are expected to use the string representation of the enum value to set an enum field of an entity, just as mentioned in ...
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how to search for the destination of a transaction

for me it looks like types error, you can try directly cast the type to Address. Code will be import { Address } from "@graphprotocol/graph-ts"; export function handleOwnershipTransferred(...
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Efficiently Visualizing and Retrieval Ethereum Smart Contract Events on Decentralized Storage

I've noticed many reputable protocols like Uniswap, Aave, etc. utilising Graph for retrieving and visualizing events data. Using that, they access large amounts of data in real-time through various ...
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I want a GRT tokens faucet site or any link where I can buy these testnet

I still cannot add a comment to ask you to elaborate on your question, so I hope I understood you correctly. You want Graph-Token on testnet to test The Graph features etc'. I checked and they have in ...
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Error during initialization of subgraph using Graph Indexing Protocol

I managed to solve this issue. The reason was that I have both package.json and yarn.lock in my upper directory (Users/User). The problem was solved after deleting both files.
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How to develop a network or chain agnostic subgraph?

The network name can be accessed via dataSource as follows: import { dataSource } from "@graphprotocol/graph-ts"; const chainName =; // returns network name const ...
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Can I tell to a local graph node (the graph) to not scan blocks on initialization?

I didn't find anything on how to force to The Graph to not start scanning as soon as it starts BUT there is the possibility to configure the genesis block. In the docs I found the variable ...
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UniSwap v2 Subgraph return 0 for Volume in USD and ETH

Hopefully it will help someone who is looking for the answear. I've been facing the same issue and spent a couple of days figuring out the reason. So the issue is the addresses you provide all over ...
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Graph Deploy failed due to subgraph validation error

As of 0.0.4, you need to declare all the features you're using, in your manifest (as a top level, like specVersion or schema). For instance, try adding: features: - fullTextSearch - ...
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How to index internal transactions in subgraph?

Try adding the 'calling contract' to your yaml file. I know that only the events emitted by the two contracts I added to my subgraph have their entities tracked. Less actually as I removed one event ...
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