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Are nodes in Merkle Patricia Tree ever deleted?

The point of Ethereum is that your data stays on-chain. Going to the computing fundamentals because let's not overcomplicate. What is Delete? Delete refers to the act of eliminating or removing a ...
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Storage behaviour in ReentrancyGuardUpgradable

this is good its made so that the reentrancy storage can never leads to storage collision so that its stored on far slot
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Need help to understand storage costs

The second version costs more because you have more storage variables defined and you also are updating them more times than in the first version of the contract.
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Where inside smart contract storage are dynamic array values stored?

Here's a contract for demonstration. pragma solidity 0.8; contract Cont { uint a = 5; uint[2] public numbers; // Fixed array with max elements 2 uint[] public nums; // Dynamic array ...
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Efficiently Visualizing and Retrieval Ethereum Smart Contract Events on Decentralized Storage

I've noticed many reputable protocols like Uniswap, Aave, etc. utilising Graph for retrieving and visualizing events data. Using that, they access large amounts of data in real-time through various ...
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Storage ops / gas spent

According to my knowledge direct measurement of gas usage between functions in a deployed smart contract isn't possible. It's like measuring flour used for each step in a baked cake. Gas is tracked at ...
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