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Why are transaction tries in Ethereum not plain Merkle Tries?

First, it should be noted that there is no such thing as a "plain Merkle Trie". The Merkle tree found in Bitcoin is not a radix tree (trie). The main reason Ethereum uses a Patricia Trie for ...
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What are the storage and state tries?

There are 4 tries in total. See How many trie's does Ethereum have? The state trie is globally scoped, and contains a mapping of all known accounts to their state. Each leaf node of the state trie ...
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Where are the Ethereum smart contracts actually stored?

from the ethereum yellow paper The world state, is a mapping between addresses and account states (a data structure serialised as RLP). Though not stored on the blockchain, it is assumed that the ...
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How to store storage trie in leveldb?

I am not an expert, but let me share my understanding. Also, please check this question: Ethereum Merkle Patricia Trie and Hashes The trie is stored as key value pairs in levelDB. Each hash (256-bit ...
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Data Search Complexity in Ethereum

Ethereum also maintains latest state and transitions it when new blocks are received. Quorum is a fork of Go-Ethereum implementation and does exactly the same + adds private state on top of public ...
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Ethereum storage implementation at the database level - how is it stored

Instructions that store and retrieve data are: SLOAD: { execute: opSload, gasCost: gasSLoad, validateStack: makeStackFunc(1, 1), valid: true, ...
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Which node to use in Merkle Patricia Tree when there are single and shared nibbles at the same point?

Your trie would start off with a branch node in this case. I have created this trie, it should be self-explanatory
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Why are transaction tries in Ethereum not plain Merkle Tries?

Confirmed by the man himself ... Ethereum used MPT for transactions instead of standard Merkle Trie so that they wouldn’t have to code two different types of Merkle Tries https://twitter.com/...
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In Ethereum, if a variable is set to zero, is it removed from storage trie?

You should find this discussion helpful: How do gas refunds work?
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How to access smart contract state variables from the Storage Trie?

Yes, it is possible, but you may not know how to read the data since it may not be in the order declared in the contract and it will be encoded, so you would need to know the indices of the state ...
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what kind of data is in storage trie?

The storage trie is where the smart contract data is stored, note that this is not part of the block (only the root of the storage root is stored in the block-header) because this data can be ...
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Storage trie - are trie nodes reused for two contract instances with the same storage content?

For state trie the paths represent the account addresses. What are the paths in the storage trie? Storage indices? That's correct, except that the addresses and indexes are hashed before they are ...
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