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Problem 1: In order to send some ether to B from the balance of A, using'address of B',{value:'1000000000000000000', gasPrice:200} is inappropriate. Whenever, we use {from:'...', value:'...' , gasPrice:..., gas:...} in .sendTransaction(...), in fact, we are telling to A "decrease as much as is determined in value:'...' from balance ...


Change this: uint256 memory _val To this: uint256 _val Because uint256 is neither array, nor struct nor mapping.


TLDR; When you use delegate call it is editing the storage of the contract that you are calling from (i.e editing C1 with the code being executed in C2). There exists a special variant of a message call, named delegatecall which is identical to a message call apart from the fact that the code at the target address is executed in the context of the ...

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